Tuesday, May 11, 2010

HTML5 and the [mobile] Web 

via Tim Bray
What’s the best thing that could happen? Some widely-interoperable dialect of HTML5 becomes broadly usable quicker than expected, and we get decent tooling around it quicker than expected, and the nature of the devices evolves slowly enough so as not to outpace heavyweight browser technology. In this world, software user experience is on average better and development cost is on average lower. ¶

The worst thing that can happen? HTML5 is holed below the waterline by some combination of interpersonal toxicity and corporate land-grabs and intellectual-property litigation; doesn’t become a really appealing application platform for a few more years.

But the best case doesn’t help the Web, as such, all that much, and the worst case doesn’t really damage it. Because every interesting application, more or less, is already a Web application.

Topics: HTML5 | Mobile | Web2.0

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