Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Forced marriages not a community building strategy 

Inge Henriksen
I won't try to analyze the community to much, but I think making services like "TM Snippets" and my Subject Layer forums etc is the right way to go. Why? Many companies has, often as part of their business strategy, tried to forcefully create communities and failed. The community services that are successful are, in my experience, most often created by people not asking "what is in it for me" and creating the service for free, often only a few of these community services are successful, and it often seems quite random which are.

Trying to create a central and strategic community does not work in many cases, I believe this is the case because it's against the free nature of the web to force people to post somewhere or use a specific service; people want to be free to use the services they want.

Personally I am more comfortable with the idea of just providing community services for free, like you did with "TM Snippets", and hope that people will find it useful, its more befitting the organic nature of the web imo.

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