Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The mismatch between human-driven and machine-driven processes 

Andrea Westernein

This is the subject of a book (written in 2005) by Keith Harrison-Broninski, Human Interactions, The Heart and Soul of Business Process Management. The information is also overviewed in a paper by Harrison-Broninski at http://human-interaction-management.info/A%20Role-Based%20Approach%20To%20Business%20Process%20Management.doc. The paper and book describes the mismatch between human-driven and machine-driven processes, and that most processes are the former, while most tooling supports the latter. 

The mismatch with human processes is that:

  • People evolve and adapt a process depending on various factors (such as what they learned in another process or iteration)
    • Therefore the process canNOT be prescriptive but should be "supportive"
  • People work multiple roles and/or processes simultaneously and may bring knowledge from one role or process into another
    • Who a person is, what they do and what they know make a difference to the outcome
  • People turn information into knowledge and incorporate that knowledge into the outcome
    • Information and knowledge are not static
  • People jump around in a process trying to be as efficient and effective as possible
    • Again, the process canNOT be prescriptive but should define a typical/best practice approach

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