Friday, June 16, 2006

Understanding the Future of Data: Data 2.0 

I think the future of data lies in creating a virtual database over web-services and other sources of data. Data 2.0 if you will. If we had this virtual database spanning web-services then life would be so much easier for Web 2.0 application developers.

. . .

why? Well you 'the Web 2.0 developer' probably don't own all the data you want to use, and the real owner of that data probably isn't going to give us access to their database!

What we need is something to pull other peoples data together and make it look like it is ours!

So for the last month or so I've been doing a lot of thinking about pulling data together from all over the web, creating a virtual internet database.

What I see as the real key to creating a virtual internet database or Data 2.0 is upgrading the idea of the foreign key.

Topics: Database | Data2.0 | Architecture

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