Friday, May 12, 2006

Database technology for tag based applications 

The key insight, IMHO, of Data 2.0 is the recognition that tagschemas represent data warehouses of tagged data. Hence analysis of tagschemas must include dimensional modeling. Before we get into that, let's take an informal look at the three main dimensions along which we view folksonomy applications - namely "Users", "Tags" and "Items". Folksonomy applications provide domain specific focus (photos, events, goals,URL's) and user access to data that varies along these three dimensions. This is the kind of thing that dimensional analysis talks about.
Three sub-problems
The Fundamental Scalability Problem of Data 2.0, leads to three major questions (sub-problems) that need to be solved in the time of transition from the Old World of Data 1.0 to the Brave New World of Data 2.0.

These three questions are :-

a) If we use relational databases how do we build scalable data architectures for tagschema?
b) At the database level how do we add tagging capability to existing non-tag apps?
c) If we move beyond the relational database for tagapps, then what are the characteristics of the new database architectures?

Things to think about. Meaty problems. Massive opportunities at many levels.

May you live in interesting times too.

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