Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Atoms in a small world 

Bill de hÓra
Last year I used Atom as the packaging format to ship system and business level events to a central monitor (I bet Coté would be up for a bit of that). I don't see why it would not be a good basis for enterprise concerns like messaging, authentication, or management interfaces. Atom, RSS and the Atom Publishing Protocol (APP) as a complement to REST could disrupt SOAP and WS.

The SOAP systems are going into their 3rd generation, but the same old skeletons of object mapping, synchronicity, design from code to wire and over-specification persist. For example, it would be curious to see how the Alpine Web Services proposal for Java might turn out if it targeted syndication XML instead of SOAP XML.

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there are five reasons to that microprotocols - namespaced module extensions that inform and affect application behaviour - will appear as an alternative to WS and SOAP based technologies by targeting enterprise computing concerns like reliable messaging and tracking.

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