Tuesday, June 28, 2005

SOA: Introducing the Business Event Schema 

Nick Malik
  • The name of the business process that initiates the event.
  • The timing or frequency that this event will occur and the conditions under which it will occur.
  • The schema (an XSD will do here) of the fields and the data types for those fields.  In addition, a description of the domain values and their meanings in the context of the business event is required.
  • The mechanism by which this event will be published (to be used by consumers who want to gain awareness of the event).
  • The expected list of consumers of the event (not that the person doing the describing may not know, and probably never will know, the complete list of consumers.  That isn't the point.  This is here to help communicate how this event schema can be used as part of a business process).

Topics: SOA | Workflow

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