Sunday, March 13, 2005

Two Dimensions of Web Services 

Radovan Janecek
I see two innovation areas in the web services world: innovation in service-oriented technology and innovation in how to provide services. While we can say that services were around for a very long time, the really interesting stuff is relatively recent – just few examples: Flickr, Plaxo, Orbitz, Technorati, LinkedIn, Bloglines, FeedBurner, Amazon (I mean AWS and similar), and of course Google (maps, mail, search, froogle, picasa, orkut, ads, ...) - and I'm sure I forgot tons of other very interesting and business-changing services right now. Compared to these fancy and cool services, the technology is quite boring set of WS-* specs, RESTful hints, methodologies, legacy apps integration issues, and so on. Imagine how fun it will be to integrate legacy apps, implement and outsource business processes, etc once intranets will be full of similar fancy services.

Topics: SOA

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