Saturday, February 19, 2005

The integrator's dilemma 

Bill de hÓra
Using the Christensen playbook, we should consider whether WS specs and tools are being commoditized by disruptive technologies. If so the natural progression for them and the software based on them is to move up the value chain. When the mass market for enterprise technology is either over-served by technology, quality or the price is too high that leaves an opportunity for disruptive technology to take hold at the bottom end of the market. I worry this may put out some people who feel that WS are a disruptive technology, but when you see RSS usage figures doubling twice a year, you stop and think about what's really disrupting what. But, REST as it appears in the HTTP Web seems to have a broader potential set of uses than was originally imagined by WS proponents, especially in conjunction with simple formats like RSS or Atom.

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