Friday, August 13, 2004

The state of workflow 

According to Tom Baeyens
If database systems are like a respected, wise man telling a clear story, then workflow must be a buch of spoiled brats shouting their own truth at each other. With this statement I would like to point out that workflow management systems are at the very initial phase of the technology hype curve. We are heading for some exciting times in this area.
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In the article, I show that state management is an important part of workflow and BPM. State management is not covered by normal programming logic. So the purpose of a workflow management system is to define a declarative extension that adds state management to plain programming. In its essence BPEL defines a programming language that is expressed in XML and has WSDL services as primitive constructs. BPEL does not have a notion for state. We should use programming languages for what they are good in and extend it with a notion for state management. BPEL takes a fundamentally wrong direction because it duplicates the notions in which a programming language is good (e.g. sequential execution, if-then-else, looping, ...) and it does not define an extension for state management. This conclusion is not affected by the fact that you could map WSDL to plain java method calls (which I would still consider a heavy-weight approach).

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