Monday, August 02, 2004

Dynamic Content Feeds on Microsoft.com 


Dynamic Content Feeds on Microsoft.com

We launched a new service last Thursday providing Microsoft.com Web sites with dynamic, scoped content feeds that are RSS-enabled.

These automated content feeds include things like:

  • Security bulletins
  • articles by MVPs
  • most active Newsgroup discussions
  • recent KB articles
  • most popular Downloads
  • MVP biographies
  • Webcasts
  • the blog feeds that Tim mentioned below in his post last Friday

... and in the news few weeks we'll add additional feeds like upcoming Chats and Events.

Internally, we refer to these feeds as “Smart Components” because once an editor has deployed them 1) they update themselves automatically with fresh content each day, and 2) they can be scoped by the site editor to show content for any product, technology, language, etc. desired.

So, a site manager can set these controls to show Downloads and KB articles from Visual Studio, or hot newsgroup discussions in Japanese that related to Windows Server 2003 clustering, etc.

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