Tuesday, July 13, 2004

An no-nonsense guide to Semantic Web specs for XML people (Part I) 

Stefano Mazzocchi
The Semantic Web has a serious problem: the XML people don't understand it.

They think it's an utterly complex way to write metadata that you can do with simple namespaces. The two worlds (despite being both hosted inside W3C) don't talk very much. Many (if not all) W3C folks are all in the RDF camp (and have been there for a while) and they see XML as a half-baked attempt to solve issues that RDF already solves. Unfortunately, not having been in the XML camp at all, they have no way to communicate with the other side.

The XML camp, on the other hand, thinks that they know how to build things that work, while the RDF people are all sitting in their ivory towers telling them that what they are doing is wrong, but without understanding their real-world needs.

As it normally happens in a debate, both are right and both are wrong.

I find myself sitting in a very lucky position: right in the middle of both camps and I talk to both of them.

So, this is a RDF guide for XML people. A much needed one, IMO.

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