Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The Emperors Got No Clothes On 

OO does == SOA
Basically, somewhere along the way, we've ended up defining OO programming to be about code encapsulating data and SOA to be separating things into data, service definition and implementation. I can readily build such things in OO languages and many of them have a programmatical equivalent of service definition built in. Why is that? Because OO is not really about wrapping data with code it's about building a system out of roles and responsibilities and allowing for implementation to be separate from interface. That doesn't require or suggest that all your code consist of data wrapped by code. SOA is simply an architectural abstraction - nothing more.
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Web Services has it's place alongside all the other technologies we use but they shouldn't be used to solve every problem just as we shouldn't store all data in a database or build everything using an application server. They are just another weapon in the armoury of the software developer not a universal hammer for which all problems are nails. SOA and OO are actually one in the same thing once you get past the artificial separation that some people have invented based on their incorrect assumptions about what OO design/implementation is.

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