Monday, June 14, 2004

Maybe the Best Use for Web Logging Is to Teach Us More About Ourselves 

I, Cringely
Joe thinks web logging will become the way we keep track of our lives. We'll keep our pictures, our thoughts, our schedules, even our work output all set in digital form against a web timeline. Where Joe goes beyond a lot of other thinkers in this space is in his desire to use web logging for more than just keeping track of stuff. Joe hopes to pioneer what essentially comes down to personal data mining.
. . . But Joe Reger wants us to not think so much about the web log publishing model and instead use the technology -- preferably HIS technology -- as a personal freeform database with analytical tools to take the measure of our own lives. Here we've been thinking about web logs as a way of reaching out to the world when they may be as much or even more useful reaching into ourselves.

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