Friday, May 21, 2004

This is how I want my apps to work 

via Sam Gentile's Blog
To build new applications, to modify those previously deployed or to customize one of our powerful application templates, you use the Designers intuitive "point and click" interface, and execute the following 5-step process...

Build the data Tables
Define the Table Relationships
Create intuitive tab-based Forms for direct data interaction
Design Views for navigation and reporting
Create Filters to optionally subset your Views

We then generate the application for you - forms and all! To share your new application, simply upload it to your Adesso™ Enterprise Server or to your Account on our Adesso™ Hosted Server. Use the browser-based Administration console to establish access permissions, invite users and voilà!.. your app will be shared with your team at their next Internet synchronization on devices ranging from Pocket PC's, to Tablets, to Notebooks, to Desktops! And any subsequent design updates you make will be automatically distributed!

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