Friday, March 19, 2004

WinFS 101: Introducing the New Windows File System 

MSDN - Thomas Rizzo
Summary: Tom Rizzo launches his new column with an overview of why the new "Longhorn" storage subsystem (code-named "WinFS") is needed, what WinFS promises to do to help solve our data-overload problems, and what his column promises to deliver in the coming months. (5 printed pages)

Welcome to my new column, The WinFS Files! This column is aimed at helping you, the developer, understand more about the forthcoming technological innovations in the next release of Microsoft® Windows® code-named "Longhorn," specifically the revolutionary new file system code-named "WinFS." As this column progresses, we'll take a look at the data model, feature-set, and programming paradigms that characterize WinFS. This initial column will give you a broad overview of what is new in WinFS and how you can get started learning about and understanding this new technology.

Why WinFS?

In the technology industry, there is a growing "perfect storm"—a combination of trends and technologies that will allow the next quantum leap in the way you develop and work with your information. This perfect storm is comprised of three forces joining together: hardware advancements, leaps in the amount of digitally born data, and the explosion of schemas and standards in information management.

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