Sunday, March 07, 2004

Mono on XAML 

via Miguel de Icaza

I read with interest Edd's thoughts on XAML and a new UI for GNOME. I have been doing some small XAML tests recently, and it is a very easy markup to generate. As I mentioned before the issue with XAML is that it will be very attractive to developers to move from HTML to XAML, as it provides more control, more widgetry and is an extensible system.

The future of Linux on the desktop is in fact on the line: if enterprise developers and IT developers fall in love with Xaml for building their in-house applications it will marginalize again Linux on the desktop.

There are two views of how to solve this problem. The Nat Friedman view of building a matching system in the meantime: leveraging our existing technologies, or the Miggy-view, which is lets implement the Avalon/XAML API. I think we should pursue both paths.

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