Friday, January 23, 2004

Web Forms 2.0 

via BitWorking by Joe Gregorio

Now I've gone on endlessly about the complexity and short-comings of XForms: Web Services vs. Internet Services,HTTP and HTML, Sans DELETE, andXHTML + XForms + XLink = Xanadu.

Web Forms 2.0, edited by Opera's own Ian Hickson, is a breath of fresh air. Instead of trying to completely revolutionize HTML forms, it takes an incremental approach, building on an already stable base, fixing common problems (like the fact that forms can only do GET and POST, which in my opinion is a bug of the HTML specifications), and adding new features in a way that is backward compatible that strike a good 80/20 balance (a new mime-type for form submission of application/x-www-form+xml).

It starts with this completely sensible set of requirements that are drawn from requests of real people trying to get a job done.

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