Thursday, January 15, 2004

The Future of Technology and Proprietary Software 

via Tim Oreilly I see F/OSS licenses as a corrective response to proprietary vendors who have been abusive towards their users, just as the environmental movement is a corrective towards industries that have been abusive towards the environment. Once we get things in balance, activism fades into the background. You want to get to the point where "doing the right thing" just makes sense to everyone. (I like to quote Lao Tzu in this regard: "Losing the way of life, men rely on goodness. Losing goodness, they rely on laws." Reversing the pattern, you might say, "Finding goodness, men rely less on laws. Finding the way of life, they get beyond goodness, and judgments of right and wrong, and doing the right thing happens because it just seems to make sense."

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