Thursday, December 04, 2003

Microsoft needs better process support for development 

Microsoft is missing the SDLC boat....big time....
. . . So, they've got the development environment and the platform down pretty well. They are missing the boat BIGTIME though when it comes to rounding out the rest of the development lifecycle. Here are my beefs: . . . only 3 or 4 of the server products have managed APIs and those are definitely 1st gen APIs. . . . Source Control - Visual Sourcesafe 6.0xyz. Yeah, 'xyz' is the next super minor build that will be available next month. Ok, kidding aside, Sourcesafe needs to be seriously overhauled and/or replaced. I'll bet anyone $100 dollars that it is being replaced but it is WAY too late. . . . Build Process - Holy cow, Batman! Microsoft only has one answer for the build process and it was created by a consultant from a third party?! . . . Microsoft, PLEASE share some of your expertise in testing with us. We can all write better software and have better tools if you would open up your bag of goodies for everyone to use. . . . DB Source Control/Versioning Tools. This is incredibly painful to do correctly. MSFT needs to step up here and provide a source control solution for sql server . . . Incident/Request tracking . . . Packaging(is this part of automated build??) . . . Patch deployment

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