Thursday, November 06, 2003

An XAML View from a Java Perspective 

Posted by Gerald Bauer
What if the JRE shipped with XUL support built in, eh? Or if there was an XML syntax to create SWT components. The whole Java UI design methodology harkens back to X toolkit coding, programatically creating widgets and layout controllers. The closest we have is Jelly.
You might wonna check out the Luxor XUL Toolkit @ http://luxor-xul.sourceforge.net for creating Swing or SWT widgets using XML. For more alternative XUL motors/browsers/runtimes in Java check out the XUL Alliance @ http://xul.sourceforge.net
I am also going to observe that it is a shame that Sun haven't got a good Java alternative.
Well, Sun hates XUL because evidently it competes head-on with the upcoming Java Server Follies (JSF) package. See the Viva site for more insight @ http://viva.sourceforge.net/action.html Also note that Sun has a XUL alternative in vapourware state called Java Desktop Network Components (JDNC). See the XUL News Wire story for more insight @ http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.lang.xul.announce/29

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