Wednesday, November 05, 2003

VB vs C# 

Julia Lerman I cannot believe Don Box said at PDC that Indigo is being designed so that “even VB developers” will be able to use the more complicated features like security. Did anyone notice the loud groans in the room when he said that? aaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Believe me I really really really understand that there are a lot of people who use VB as a rad tool and that MS keeps them at the forefront of their thoughts when designing features for VB, but there are other types of developers who happen to use VB as their primary language who actually do more than use the wizards. And Microsoft needs to remember that before they make sweeping statements like that. It is insulting and it degrades us in the developer community. I'm not a plumber. I'm the first to admit it. But that doesn't make me a “mort“. Don Box Responds
Yes, the CLR and C# level the playing field so people who like case-sensitivity and curly-braces aren't bogged down in tedious detail, but VB is still a big deal and honestly has at least one killer feature that C# and C++ still lack. I'm reminded of the following verse which still has relevance today: My language, 'tis of thee, Sweet grammar of simplicity, Of thee I sing. Language where new things are tried, Language of Bill Gates' pride, From every mountainside, let VB ring
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