Monday, November 24, 2003

Thick or Thin -- That is the Question? 

So let me declare right now Eric Lippert's Rich Client Manifesto: The thin-client multi-tiered approach to software development squanders the richness available on the vast majority of client platforms that I'm interested in. We must implement tools that allow rich client application developers to attain the benefits of the thin-client multi-tiered model. That's the whole point of the .NET runtime and the coming Longhorn API. . . . Suppose you were going to design a language for thin client development and a language for rich client development. What kinds of features would you want to have in each? For the thin client, you'd want a language that had a very simple, straightforward, learn-as-you-go syntax. . . . In short, the language should enable rapid development of simple software by relatively unsophisticated programmers through a flexible and dynamic programming model. OK, what about the rich-client language? . . . In short, a rich-client language should support large-scale development of complex software by large teams of sophisticated professional programmers through a rigid and statically analyzable programming model. Complete opposites!

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