Wednesday, November 05, 2003

My name is Mort, and I AM A VB PROGRAMMER! 

From Panopticon Central
Hey. I'm not a newbie or a script kiddie. And I don’t get paid less than other programmers, or only work on UIs, or write email viruses. And I don't know BillG, SteveB or EricR from Microsoft, although I'm certain they're really, really nice. I have a Handles clause, not a += expression. I speak VB and VBA, not C#. And I write it 'For Each,' not 'foreach.' I can proudly type names using any capitalization I like. I believe in line continuations, not curly braces; colons, not semicolons. And that ‘With’ is a truly proud and noble statement. CType is a cast, ReDim IS a statement. And it IS written ‘Mod’. Not ‘%’. ‘Mod’. BASIC is the oldest Microsoft language, the most popular programming tool in the world and the best part of Visual Studio. My name is Mort, and I AM A VB PROGRAMMER!

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