Thursday, November 06, 2003

A Mono view of Indigo 

About Indigo

At the PDC, I was in charge of learning what was Indigo about, so I went to all Indigo sessions. Most of Don Box's sessions where more about philosopy (justifying MS's shift to the SOA model) than about technology (just have a look at his slides to see what I mean), but quite interesting anyway. Other sessions by Doug Purdy and Steve Swartz where more technical and more useful for understanding Indigo's architecture.

The first thing to say about Indigo is that it does not contain revolutionary technology. It just takes the best of ASMX, WSE, Remoting, Messaging and Enterprise Services to create a new framework for building enterprise applications based on a Service Oriented Architecture model.

However, the great value of Indigo is that it integrates in a coherent way all those diverse technologies, by providing a common communication stack, common security features, transaction management and extension mechanisms.

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