Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Longhorn decoded 

Longhorn glossary Looking at the number of posts I want to do on the new Microsoft technologies released at the PDC, I thought that a 'Longhorn'-Era glossary (originally posted here) would be helpful in decoding some of the terms I may use in my blog entries. Here they are in no particular order:
"Longhorn" (code name): The next major release of the Microsoft Windows operating system. This is slated for release around 2006 (possibly Q3/Q4 of 2005) if the beta testing goes well.
"Aero" (code name): Longhorn 3D-rendering user interface
"Avalon" (code name): Graphics presentation technologies in Windows "Longhorn" that provides a unified architecture for presenting user interface, documents and media in the system.
ClickOnce: Technology in Windows "Longhorn" designed to speed and simplify deployment of applications.
"Indigo" (code name): .NET communications technologies in Windows "Longhorn" designed to build and run connected systems.
"Palladium" (code name): Microsoft's Next Generating Secure Computing Base (NGSCB) secure-OS subsystem that will debut in Longhorn
SuperFetch: Technology in Windows "Longhorn" designed to help applications launch more quickly.
"Whidbey" (code name): Next generation of the Microsoft Visual Studio system of software-development tools.
"WinFS" (code name): Next-generation search and data storage system that provides a unified storage model for applications running on Windows "Longhorn."
WinFX: Programming model Windows "Longhorn," used by software developers to build applications for the Windows platform. This is a superset of the current .NET programming model.
"Yukon" (code name): The next generation of Microsoft SQL Server database software - expected to ship second half of 2004.

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