Tuesday, November 04, 2003

The future of .NET Languages 

Brian Jackson - VB.Net and C# Diverging
Paul Vick added that VB.Net will not expose anonymous methods in the Whidbey release, primarily because Microsoft is reluctant to introduce this concept to VB programmers, many of whom are still getting accustomed to the OO concepts introduced in the current VB.Net. I found this very interesting, because it's the most significant example I can think of where VB.Net and C# make such a departure from one another on a core language feature. I'm not totally convinced this is a great idea. VB's watchword has always been productivity, whereas C++ has focused on power. C# is somewhere in between, but leaning, in my opinion, toward productivity. So, if a feature is good for C#, wouldn't it also be good for VB.Net? What does the decision to omit anonymous methods say about the future of language parity in the Microsoft-supported .Net languages?

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