Monday, November 03, 2003

Conceptions of a Global Brain: a historical review 

Another interesting paper by Francis Heylighen I'm a little surprised that this paper doesn't mention blogs, but here is an interesting quote
As such, the web would turn into an intelligent, adaptive, self-organizing system of shared knowlege, structured in a much more flexible and intuitive way than the formal classification schemes conceived by Berners-Lee and others. Unlike material resources, knowledge and information do not diminish by being shared with others (economists call this property non-rivalry"). Since the learning web would make this sharing effortless and free, this enables a positive-sum interaction in which everyone gains by making their individual knowledge and experience available to others, this provides a continuing incentive for further cognitive integration. The web plays here the role of a shared memory, that collects, organizes and makes available the collective wisdom. It achieves this without demanding anything from its users or contributors beyond what they would have had to invest if they were working on their own, thus removing any incentive for free-riding.

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