Thursday, October 30, 2003

DTS and Biztalk the two sides of machine facing workflow 

MS started with machine facing message based systems like Biztalk and heads down automated data crunching in SQL Server DTS and will now branched out into workflow support that can be integrated into all of its products (details not filled in yet -- see below). It is interesting to see how some of these different kinds of systems interact and overlap. The session on Biztalk and DTS integration was done as a kind of spoof competition between DTS and Biztalk and the kind of problems they can solve. Of course the main focus was on how they can be used together. For example there is going to be a Biztalk icon in the graphical DTS Workflow painter which can be used to configure incoming and outgoing messages. Here Biztalk would handle the messaging tasks and DTS would handle the heavy data processing transforms. There was also a discussion of how more human facing components could be added to the mix through email notifications and GUI application generated messages.

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