Sunday, July 18, 2010

Code Contracts to autogenerate test cases 

Jörg W Mittag
If you want to know what Bertrand Meyer, the inventor of Design by Contract, thinks about combining TDD and DbC, there is a nice paper by his group, called Contract-Driven Design = Test-Driven Development - Writing Test Cases. The basic premise is that contracts provide an abstract representation of all possible cases, whereas test cases only test specific cases. Therefore, a suitable test harness can be automatically generated from the contracts.

Topics: TDD | CodeContracts

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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

MetaModeling System 

Elastic Modeling Languages
Declarative models are useful ways to drive complexity out of IT application design and configuration, in favor of more concise statements of intent. Given a declaration of preferences or constraints, an IT management system can compose multiple models together much more effectively than if the models were predominantly procedural, and also formally verify for conflicts or mistakes. On the other hand, not everything can be declarative; at some point, procedures are usually required to specify the “last mile” of provision, installation, or configuration. The Elastic Modeling Languages provide a balance between enabling users to express declarative, machine-reasonable policy, and procedural know-how for configuration or provisioning.

Topics: Modeling | DSL

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Monday, July 05, 2010

Process programming for evolving state 

What if you could backtrack (prolog) through a collection of processes (workflow) to evolve the state of a system (ets) where truth was replaced by satisfying the process contract pre-conditions and post-conditions (code contracts). A process is a function that transforms state from time t to t+1.

Topics: evolutionary | programing | workflow

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