Monday, January 26, 2009

Build Metadata-Based Applications With The “Oslo” Platform 

Chris Sells
In fact, .aspx files aren't too useful without ASP.NET, and XOML files without WF would be much less compelling. There are a number of runtimes and services being developed that will take advantage of "Oslo." These include a new version of ASP.NET supporting the MWeb Domain Specific Language (DSL) and the "Quadrant" Web editor, the "Dublin" Windows Server extensions supporting the "MService" DSL and the "Quadrant" service editor, the Entity Framework supporting the MEntity DSL and the "Quadrant" entity editor, and SQL Server 2008 with the MSchema language (discussed later in this article) and the "Quadrant" schema editor. You'll be able to load data into the repository and drive those runtimes.

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Friday, January 09, 2009

The new workflow 

Jon Udell on how Ward Cunningham implemented Brian Marick’s notion of Visible Workings
This isn’t just an innovative approach to software testing and workflow visualization. It’s also a radical statement about business process transparency. For most of us, most of the time, business systems are black boxes whose internal workings we can only discern in the outcomes of our (often painful) interactions with them. But what if you could find out, before pressing the Save button, what’s going on in that black box? And what if your way of finding out wasn’t by reading bogus documentation, but instead by probing the system itself using its own test framework?

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